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Including Step By Step Instructions For Doing It Yourself

Imagine Having A System In Place To Make Sure You Follow Up With Every Single Investor At The Right Time.

Setting up simple automations to move people through your processes can save you time and help you close more leads.

The good news is: you can do it, even if you are not tech savvy.

A couple of the tools multifamily syndicators often use are ActiveCampaign and Calendly.

AC is an email marketing tool that also has CRM functionality, meaning you can store contacts like potential investors and make notes on them, and keep track of when you need to follow up.

Calendly is a scheduling tool where people can schedule an appointment with you.

We’ve put together a free checklist called “CHECKLIST FOR CONNECTING ACTIVECAMPAIGN WITH CALENDLY” to help you connect these two tools.

This way you can improve the chances of people showing up for calls, and also make sure you know which prospects have and haven’t booked a call.

Plus, even if you aren’t using these exact tools, the instructions we provide can be used to connect a lot of other tools.