One of the best ways to help improve traffic to your website is through a blog. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can easily add your own blog posts.

Step 1: The Dashboard

In your dashboard, there’s a menu item in the left menu called ‘Blog Post’. Hover over that and click ‘Add New’

Adding a new post

Step 2: Chose How To Build Your Post

You’ll be redirected to a blank page with 2 options on how to build your post. For simplicity click on ‘Use Default Editor’.

Use Default Editor
Adding at title and content

Step 3: Adding Content

When writing you post, you’re given many options on what you can insert into you post.

Add post content

Additional Editing Options

Along with the options in the above pictures. The editor gives you more editing tools you can use to improve how you post looks.

word editor tools
transform tools

Also if you do not like the order in which your paragraphs or images appear there’s an easy way to adjust that.

changing paragraph order

Step 4: Adding an Image

It is also super simple to add and edit images for your post.

adding an image

NOTE: With anything you insert into your post you will ALWAYS be given a box with editing tools at the TOP as shown in above pictures.

Step 5: Adding Categories, Tags & Feature Image

This is very simple as well. On the right side you’re given another menu. Make sure to click on ‘Document’.

You can also delete your post by clicking ‘Move to Trash’. Along with changing the status of your post and editing who can see it.

Step 6: Saving, Preview & Publish

The top right menu also gives you 3 very important options.

  • ‘Save Draft’ – So you can work on it later. Make sure to save as you go.
  • ‘Preview’ – Which allows you to see what your post WILL look like on your website when the post is published.
  • ‘Publish’ – This is what actually puts your blog post on your website.

NOTE: When you click ‘Publish’ you’re given pre-publish checks regarding who can see it and if you want to schedule a publish date or simple publish the post right away.

save, preview, publish