If you have multiple team members in your Calendly account who people can book calls with, the built-in integration in Active Campaign won’t work, at least not yet.  So you’ll need to use Zapier for that.


There may be other cases where you’d prefer to use Zapier as well.  Maybe you want more control over the process and the tags that get added, or you want additional things to happen when someone books a call.  Zapier is great because it is very flexible.

To use Zapier, your Calendly account must be on a Premium or Pro plan.

If you don’t already have a Zapier account, just create a free account, which should work fine for what we’re doing here.

Once you’re logged in to Zapier, you’ll need to connect it to both your Active Campaign account and your Calendly account.

Let’s start with Calendly. Log in to your Calendly account and click Integrations.

The first thing you see on the screen should be your AIP Key.



Click “Copy Key”.

In Zapier, go to My Apps.

Search for Calendly. When you find it, click to add it.

The next screen will ask for your API Key that you just copied from Calendly. Paste it in the box and click Yes, Continue.

Next, let’s connect your Active Campaign account.

Go to My Apps and search for ActiveCampaign.

The screen that pops up will ask for 2 things:

Your API URL and your API Key.

To get this information, log in to Active Campaign and click Settings.

Next, click “Developer”.

The URL and Key will be at the top of this screen under API Access.

Copy each of those items into the corresponding fields on the Zapier screen that popped up. Then click the Yes, Continue button.

Now we’ve got both the Calendly and Active Campaign accounts connected to Zapier. Great! But as of now, nothing will actually happen.

Create a “Zap”

Now we need to tell Zapier how we want Calendly and Active Campaign to interact. To do that, we create a “Zap”, which is basically an automation.

In your Zapier account, there should be a button or link to Make a Zap.

For the first step, we need to choose which app triggers our automation. That will be when someone books a call through Calendly, so click on the Calendly icon.

On the next screen, for “Choose App”, Calendly should already be selected. For the next item, “Choose Trigger Event”, choose “Invitee Created”.

On the next screen you’ll need to select your Calendly account. You could have multiple Calendly accounts connected to your Zapier account, so that’s why you have to select this. Since you probably only have one at this point, just select it and click Continue.

The next step will pull in sample data for testing. This is helpful so you can see what kind of information is pulled in. Click the option to find data and continue.

Next we need to select what happens after a call is scheduled.

Click the Active Campaign icon.

Next you need to choose the Action Event.

There are different ways you could do this. There are lots of things you could have happen next.

I would prefer to just have a tag added to this contact if they already exist. And if they don’t already exist, they’ll be added to Active Campaign with the tag I specify.

I’m doing it this way for a couple reasons. For one, I don’t know if this person already exists in Active Campaign, so I want to make sure they get added. Second, applying a tag is the most flexible option. Once a tag is added, I can do just about anything I want from the Active Campaign side.


Click Continue.

Next you’ll have to select your ActiveCampaign account. Since you likely only have one ActiveCampaign account connected to your Zapier account, this should be pretty easy. Then click Continue.

Now is where we get pretty specific about what information we want to be sent to Active Campaign.

First is the List. Select which list this person should be added to. I follow Active Campaigns suggestion of putting everyone on one main list and then use tags to segment people into groups.

For the Email Address field, click the little icon on the right side of the text box:


This will pull in all the available options.  It will also show sample data from the sample that was pulled in earlier.  This can be helpful for making sure you’re using the right field.  This may be someone who has previously booked a call with you through Calendly.

Don’t worry, it’s not doing anything with their contact information specifically, it’s just showing you so you’ll know what information is connected to each field so you can make sure you’re pulling in the right thing.

For the email, select “Invitee Email”.


Some of the fields are optional, but if you have them, you’ll probably want to pull them in. Especially the name.

Do the same process as you did above for email for each of the other contact fields.

One important item (if you’re using Tags to separate people rather than lists like I am), is to set the Tags.

There are a couple ways you could do this. You could just manually type something in here if you want just one tag to be assigned for all scheduled calls. 

In my case, I have different types of calls, so I want to create different automations based on what type of call is scheduled. So in the Tags field, I clicked the little drop-down menu and selected “EventType Name”.

What that will do is create a tag that has the same name as the event in Calendly.

In the example below, you can see I have an event called “Onboarding Call – New Client”.


Again, the part you see in gray is just a sample pulled in from the sample data from an earlier step. It’s an example of the type of data. You’re basically just saying use this piece of information (the name of the Calendly event) and make that be the tag in Active Campaign.

After setting up all of the fields how you want them, click the Continue button.

You have 3 options: Retest & Review, Retest & Continue, or you can click Done Editing at the bottom.

You don’t really have to do a test, but you can if you like. I’m just going to click Done Editing.

Now you should get a notice that your Zap is ready and you can turn it on. Go ahead and click the “Turn Zap On” button.

We’re getting closer! In the second tutorial series we’ll be diving deeper into ActiveCampaign and how to setup Automations and Deals between ActiveCampaign and Calendly and how to properly use them.

So lets get started in part 1 called Dive Deeper Into ActiveCampaign (1/4) – Set up Automations in ActiveCampaign