Having a blog is a great addition to your website as it gives you many benefits. Three major benefits. The first 2 actually work hand-in-hand and they are increased traffic to your website and improved SEO.

To illustrate, with any living organism the more you feed it nutritious food the better it grows. So if you continuously add quality or “nutritious” blog posts to your website the more traffic you will receive to your website. Search engines will in turn take note of both the increase of content and traffic to your website and improve your SEO score, that in turn will again further increase your traffic and SEO. This process will take time though and only happen if you feed your blog with quality or “nutritious” posts.

NOTE: Here’s a link on some tips from SEO specialists on how to write quality content.

The Third benefit is, and this you may find most interesting. By continuously adding blog posts, it’ll help to establish you as an authority on multi-family investing.

In order to publish any type of blog post however, you need a page to post them to. To make a page for your blog posts is very easy.

Step 1: Create A New Page

In the left menu, click on Pages then select Add New. Now most people will name this page Blog or News, it’s up to you but for the tutorial we’re going to name the page Blog. Then click Publish.

add a blog page
name the new page

What you may find helpful to do before you move on to step 2, is to write a few blog posts first. Then when you are ready and happy with your posts, publish them a day or so apart from each other. This will prevent your blog from becoming stagnant while you’re busy running your company and writing new posts.

Step 2: Make A Home For Posts

So you’ve just created a home where your posts will reside. Now you have to tell the posts to go there when you publish them. You do this in a few simple mouse clicks.

1. Click Customize found under Appearances

2. Scroll down and select Homepage Settings

3. Make sure your settings are the same as in the picture. If you named your blog page something else, make sure to choose that

4. Click Publish to save your changes

Step 3: Adding Your Blog to The Menu

We have 1 last thing to do and that’s add a link to your blog in the menu so everyone can access it. Because your blog will be completely useless if no one can find it. Again we can do this in a few simple mouse clicks.

1. Click Menus found under Appearances

2. Select your newly made blog page and click Add To Menu

4. Save Your Changes

And there you have it! Now whenever you publish a post it will appear on your newly made blog page. And when people visit your site They can easily find your blog.

NOTE: If you rearrange menu items make sure they’re flush with each other as seen in the picture. If they indent they become a sub-menu item.