For creating a deal, we’ll just create a new automation from scratch.  If you want a more complex setup that moves prospects along through various stages of the deal based on booking a series of calls, ActiveCampaign has a pre-made “recipe” for that.  But that was overkill for our purposes here.  If you want that recipe, you can find it here:

Go to Automations.

Automation button


Next click the “Create an automation” button in the top right: 

Create an automation button


Click the first option, to Start from Scratch, then click Continue.

Start automation section

First we need to set the trigger. This is what starts this automation.

We want to trigger this automation when the tag we set up for this purpose gets added.

Find “Tag is added” in the list and click it. Then click Continue.

Trigger tag

Next you need to enter the name of the tag that should start this automation.

If you’re using the built-in Calendly integration from Active Campaign, that tag will be something like “calendly-integration-First-Touch”.

In my case, I’m using Zapier to handle the automation and I set the tag to be the same as the name of the call that is scheduled in Calendly. In this case, I’ll use the tag “FREE Consultation”.


Action option

If you want this automation to run every time someone books this call, you can select “Multiple Times” from the Runs drop-down.

Click the “Add Start” button.

Next, back on the automation overview screen, under the trigger item we just added for when a tag gets added, you’ll see a little plus icon to add your first action. Click that.


Add action


Next, on the “Add a New Action” screen, there are categories on the left. Click CRM.

Next, click “Add a New Deal”

CRM add deal action

Next you’ll see the screen for adding a new deal where you’ll give it a title, value, and set which pipeline it goes in, etc.


Add a deal

Let’s start with the Deal Title.  I want the title to let me know it’s a call with the person, so I typed in “Call with” and then if you click the little icon on the right side of the box that looks like a person.

Add deal

That will let you select fields from a person’s profile. I selected “Full Name” because I want first and last name.

You can put in a value for the call. This is just potential value to you.

Be sure to select which Pipeline this should go in. I selected the one I just created.

Select which Stage they should be added to. I’m using the first stage, “To Contact”.

And select the Owner, or the person responsible for this deal.

Click Save.

That’s it! In part 4 we will conclude by diving deeper onto Deals and How to use Deals.