If you make or new page or would like to edit your menu in some way then you’ll need to know to edit your menu. After reading this we promise it will be easy for you to do in the future.


Adding Menu Items

On the left menu navigate to Appearances and select Menu. You’ll see and overview of the menu and on the left items you can add to your menu.

To add an item to your menu click the checkbox beside the item you want to add and then click Add to Menu.

NOTE: New items will be added to the list.

Changing Menu Item Order

You’ll probably want to change the order of how your menu items are displayed when you add new item. In order to do this simply click and drag the item you want to moved up or down.

Creating Sub-menu Items

Sometimes you may want sub-menu items in your menu. This again is also an easy process. Simply click and drag a menu item to the right, this will make it a sub-menu item of the menu item above it.

NOTE: You can make multi level sub-menus by continuously draging multiple menu items to the right.

The last thing you’ll want to do is make sure you SAVE YOUR WORK. Then check the front-end of your website.

NOTE: If you have multiple browser windows open for your website you’ll need to reload the page to see changes to your website.