This is a bit of a continuation of the previous article explaining how to setup your Investor Portal. Here we’ll explain how you can expand your investor portal by adding content to your portal and how to make sure that they are only accessible to those whom you allow.

NOTE: You’ll need to read How to Setup The Investor Portal in order for this to make sense.

The features of page restriction is not limited to just the Investor Portal page. Once you have your investor portal setup, this now enables you to add all sorts of content that you only want certain people to view – from pages to posts or any projects that you may have going on.

In order for these elements to be only accessible to those whom you allow,  you’ll have to apply the same page restriction as you did when doing the initial setup of the portal page. You actually follow the exact same steps. For each new page, post or project that you make you will have to apply these steps, there’s no one and done step that applies to all new content.

The nice thing about having to restrict new content manually is that it makes it possible to create specific content available to only certain users, whereas the main investor portal can be available to all registered users. So, for example, let’s say you post a project (a property) and you only want investors who have invested funds with that deal to be able to see the details. You could add that as a project or as a page, and put the restrictions on it to be only available to those users.

You could even have a link to it on the investor portal page, but only users who are on the list of allowed users would be able to access the information.

Once you’ve added any page/post/project that has user restrictions enabled, this basically becomes part of the investor portal. However, for anyone to find them, you’ll have to either put links to those items on the Investor Portal page or you’ll have to directly send people links to that content by email or some other means.