In this article we will be showing you how you can set up the “Investor Only” page for your website.

NOTE: This feature is ONLY available for customers with the Pro plan and up.

There are 2 ways you can set up the “Investor Only” page. We will show you how to set both ways. For both methods we will need to use 2 pages already created for this purpose, Investor Portal page & Investor Login page.

Allow All Registered Users

The first way you can setup your “Investor Only” page is by granting All registered users access to login to the portal page. This would be the easiest and most common way to setup the “Investor Only” page.

If you have been able to make any edits to one of your pages you maybe familiar with using the Visual Builder, in this case we won’t be using that. We will be using the default ‘edit’ page.

To access this page simply click ‘Quick Edit’ for the Investor Login page. Almost all the work will be done on this page. The only use the Login page serves is to act as a door that opens for those you grant access to and is locked for those who do not have access.

Select quick edit

The menu item will open with details about the page you can quickly edit. At the bottom you’ll see 2 toggle switches that’ll most likely already enabled. If they’re not simply click both of them so they’re on the ‘On’ position.

The first toggle makes the page you’re editing restricted to everyone, whether they are a registered user or not. Since you will want to make this page accessible to all registered users, you’ll want to also turn on the 2nd toggle swtich.

Lastly you’ll need to select a redirect page. In the field called ‘Redirect To’ type in Investor Login. This will be the page you want to redirect users to so they can log into the Investor Portal page.

NOTE: If a user is already logged in they will go straight to the Investor Portal page, including you.

In the end your settings should look like this:

quick edit details

Allow Only Selected Users

The second way you can set up the “Investor Only” page is to only allow specific users access to this page. So for example you may have specific investors or clients you wish to share this page with and not others, in which case you’ll want to use this second method.

The steps taken to achieve this are almost exactly the same as allowing all registered users. The only difference between the 2 is when you get to the ‘Share with members’ tab you DO NOT turn on the second toggle labeled ‘All registered users’. By keeping this option turned off there is an input field called ‘Share page’, this allows you to select specific users you wish to share the Investor Portal with.

In the end your settings should look like the image below.

restrcit selected users

Once you have configured these settings you’ll want to make sure you save your work.

Final Step

The last thing you need to do is add the “Investor Only” page to your menu. In order to do this, please follow the steps in the article Editing Your Menu

If you would like to know how to expand upon the Investor Portal once it’s been made, for example how to restrict other pages, posts or projects and adding them to your Investor Portal page. You can learn more in the following article, Expanding Your Investor Portal