As a little bonus, I’ll walk you through a scenario of what you might do next after you have a call with someone.

Below I clicked “Add a deal” and added myself as a prospect in the “To Contact” column. This is where we want to put people when they book a call.

Add a deal
Add a deal to contact

If I wanted, I could click the deal and add the date of our call to the notes. It’s not necessary because I’m using Calendly and I have that synced with Google Calendar, so I’m not worried about forgetting the call. However, it could be handy for tracking purposes within Active Campaign if you could look and see when you’ll be connecting with each person.

For now, let’s just pretend I had a call with… myself… no, while we’re pretending we’ll say it was a prospective investor. Things went well. At the end of the call I said I’d follow up with them in about a week.

Now I need to come to this Deals page and move my prospect from the “To Contact” column to the “In Contact” column.

It’s easy. Just click and drag the person from one column to the next.

Drag deal

Now I need to add some notes. So I’ll just click the “deal” (where it has the person’s name).

When you open up the deal, you’ll see all kinds of options. There are a couple main ones I want to draw your attention to: “Add a task” and “Add a note”.

Add task and note


It’s a good idea immediately after the call to go to “Add a Note” and type some notes to remind yourself what was discussed on the call.

Then you’ll want to click “Add a Task” to set a reminder to follow up.

Give the task a title that is clear what the next action is.

Add a task

For the Task Type, you can select what kind of action you’ll need to take. It could be a call, it could be having lunch, sending an email or having a meeting.

Set the date when the action needs to be taken.

If you click “Show more options” you’ll see some additional settings, such as “Send a Reminder” or “Trigger an Automation”.

Sending a reminder is pretty self-explanatory.  However, if you use Google Calendar it’s a great idea to get that connected to your ActiveCampaign account so tasks like this get automatically added to your calendar.  Here’s a tutorial about that.

Triggering an automation is a cool option because you could have a follow-up email pre-written that you’ll set to go out on a certain date.

You could use this in a situation where the person wasn’t ready to commit. After the call you could set it where it will trigger an automation in a week or a month or whatever you want, where an email or even a series of emails goes out to them.