The first thing you’ll want to do with your new website is customize it with your business information.

To do that, click the menu item called “My Site Info”.  It should be near the top of the list.

My site info tab

This will take you to the settings page where you can set up your business information that will appear on your website.

The first thing you’ll want to change is your business name and phone number:

There are many spots on your site where your business name is mentioned.  Changing it here will change it in all those spots (except at the top of your site).  Be sure to spell it correctly and use proper capitalization.

Next, enter your business address and other information:

This information will also appear on your website.  Enter the correct information for your business.

When you’re finished, be sure to click the Save Settings button.

Next, let’s look at some other things you can personalize.  Near the top of this screen, you should see a tab called “Personalize Site”:

Click that.

On this screen there are a number of things you can edit.

The first settings is for your home page.  Generally you won’t want to change this.  But if, for some reason, you had another page on your site that you wanted to be the home page instead of the home page that comes with your site, you could change it here.

Next is the Site Title.  This is what shows up at the top of your website.  Usually you’d want this to be your business name.  But, if for some reason you want it to say something else, you can change that here.

The Site Tagline is next.  This shows up just under the header section on your home page, where it has your business name and the menu.  There is a blue bar that goes across the site (on the default template) and this tagline appears here.  You can change it if you like or leave it as is.

Next, you’ll find settings about your logo:

We include a generic logo you can use if you like.  But if you have your own that you’d like to use instead, you can do that here.

Before uploading it, make sure it’s formatted properly for use on a website.  Often when you get a logo designed, it will be really large, or it might have a lot of blank space around it that won’t look right when you upload it.

To upload your logo, click the “Upload new logo” button.  This will usually open the media library, which shows files that have already been uploaded to your site.  But you’ll want to upload a new one, so click “Upload Files”:

Now you can select a file on your computer or you can drag and drop it into the area on the screen to upload it.

If your image is too large, or if it has extra space around your logo, click below.


If your logo is too big or has extra space around it, CLICK HERE

If your logo is too large or has extra space around it

If the logo is large or has extra space around it, you may need to edit it.  To do that, near the top of the screen after you uploaded your image you should see a link called “Edit Image”.  Click that.

In the example below, you can see my logo is 2000 x 2000, which is too large.  This measurement is how many pixels wide and high your image is.  Just for reference, a really wide laptop screen might be about 1600 pixels wide.  So 2000 wouldn’t even fit on the screen, much less be a good size for your logo on your site.

You’ll also notice the checkerboard pattern.  That means the background of my image is transparent, which is fine.  But look how much extra space there is around my logo.  That will make my logo look really small.  We need to cut out all that extra space.

To do that, we’ll crop it.

Click and drag a box around the area you want to keep.  Like this:

You’ll notice I left a little space around the edges, but cut out most of the blank space.

Next, click the first icon on the left, which is to crop:

That will cut out all the extra stuff.

After making these changes, click the Save button:

This will take you back to the previous screen.  If you also need to resize your image, like I do, click the Edit Image link again.

Now, let’s resize our logo to a more reasonable size.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a section to scale the image:

In the example above, you can see my image is 1565 x 405.  That’s too large.  The second number is the height.  Usually about 200 is more than enough.  So I’ll change that second number to 200.

You’ll notice when you change one of the numbers, the other automatically changes.  That way you’re not stretching out your image, but it will still look right.

After you have it the size you want, click the Scale button.

When you’re finished, click the Back button at the bottom of the screen:

On the next screen, click the “Insert Into Post” button in the bottom right:

On the next screen, click “Save Settings”:

If everything is OK with your logo, click the “Insert Into Post” button in the bottom right:

Next, you’ll be back to the settings screen.  There is another option you should decide about before saving your changes.

It asks, “How should this logo be displayed?”

The default option is “Display Both Logo and Text”.

The default logo we include with your site doesn’t have any text on it.  It’s just a little image.  That way you can put in your business name and it will appear beside the logo.

But in many cases, a logo will include the business name.  In that case, you will most likely want to change this option to be “Display Logo Only”.  That way you don’t have your business name in plain text next to your logo that includes your business name.

After making any needed changes, click the Save Settings button:

Now you’ll probably want to check your site and make sure everything looks correct.

To do that, at the top of the screen there should be a little dark bar.  One of the items should have your business name or site name.  In the example below, my site name is “Todd Test 10518”.  But yours will probably be your business name.  If you put you point to that, a drop down menu should come down and you can click “Visit Site”:

Hopefully everything looks good and you’re ready to go!