Tutorial Articles – Adding Content To Your Website

Create A Blog Page

Having a blog is a great addition to your website as it gives you many benefits. Three major benefits. The first 2 actually work hand-in-hand and they are increased traffic to your website and improved SEO. To illustrate, with any living organism the more you feed it...

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Creating a Contact Form – Part 2

Editing a contact form is a much simpler process than creating a new one. As one of our clients you're provided with 3 contact forms. In part 2 we'll show you how you can edit these forms. Step 1 To find where these forms are, HOVER over the 'Forms & Leads' menu...

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Adding A Blog Post

One of the best ways to help improve traffic to your website is through a blog. In this tutorial we'll show you how you can easily add your own blog posts. Step 1: The Dashboard In your dashboard, there's a menu item in the left menu called 'Blog Post'. Hover over...

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