Tutorial Articles – Adding/Editing Content On Your Website

Changing Background Images

One simple way you can make you website more unique to your company is by changing the background image you see upon first arriving to your website. Like most changes that you may want to make to your website, this is a fairly quick and pain free process to do....

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Editing Your Menu

If you make or new page or would like to edit your menu in some way then you'll need to know to edit your menu. After reading this we promise it will be easy for you to do in the future.   Adding Menu ItemsOn the left menu navigate to Appearances and select Menu....

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Create A Blog Page

Having a blog is a great addition to your website as it gives you many benefits. Three major benefits. The first 2 actually work hand-in-hand and they are increased traffic to your website and improved SEO. To illustrate, with any living organism the more you feed it...

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