Continuing the tutorial series on using the Visual Editor, this article will show you Key features of the Blog Module.

NOTE: Since this is a continuation I will not be discussing basic elements of the Visual Builder as they are already discussed in earlier articles.


Open Module Settings

To do this, hover over a blog post and click the Gear icon in the Grey box. This will open any Module Settings.


Content Settings – Content Tab

Post Number – This allows you to adjust how many posts will be displayed on the page. Just type in a number, between 5 and 10 is usually best.

Include Categories – It’s recommend to keep All Categories checked. However it does give you the option to display posts that are in specific categories. This is a helpful option that can help you to organize your blog page when you’ve written many posts. We used this to organize Apartment Investor Pro support page.

Meta Date Format – This simply allows you to change how the date will appear when people view your blog post. In order to change how the date is displayed though, you need to type in the proper format.

NOTE – Meta Date Format is optional. If left blank the default date will appear as Mj,Y which will be displayed as – Apr 12, 2019.

PHP date format


Content – It’s recommended to set this to Show Excerpt, as it’ll keep your web page smaller and be a nicer experience for people who view your blog.


Blog module content settings


Content Settings – Elements Tab

When you scroll down you’ll find the Elements Tab. Here you are given then option to choose the meta data that is shown under the the blog title.

Blog meta data


Simply click Yes or No to choose what you want to be displayed.


blog meta data display settings


Design Settings

Within the Design Settings are a number of tabs, these mainly deal with how you would like different text to be displayed. For example, if you want to adjust the text size of just the title you can do that.

The Layout tab lets you choose if you would like your blog posts to be layed out in a Grid format or if you would like them to span the Full Width of the page.

Feel free to adjust these settings to your liking.

Blog post design settings


If you run into any issues or have questions about how to edit the Blog Module, feel free to contact support.