[bizname] is always looking for opportunities in the multi-family housing market. While there are many multi-family properties for sale at any given time in our areas of interest, few will meet our strict Investment Criteria. Each asset will be held in a single-purpose entity, generally a limited liability company (LLC). As opportunities arise, investments will be presented to prospective investors in the form of an offering memorandum. Each offering memorandum will contain information that will assist investors in evaluating the quality of the prospective investment, as well as its suitability with respect to an investor’s finances, objectives, and investment experience.

A prospective investor should expect to see information on the following in the offering memorandum: Executive Summary, Investment Highlights, Investment Structure, Project Overview, Property and Location Information, Maps and Photos, Financial Projections, Market Overview, Investment Risks and Mitigations, Subscription Agreement, and Articles of Organization.

By successfully acquiring and managing multi-family properties, [bizname] is able to consistently provide great returns for their investors.  If you are interested in learning more about our investment opportunities, please contact us today.