AIP 008: Keep Your Multifamily Investors Happy So That They Will Invest With You Again & Again – Dan Handford


In this episode, Dan shares his expertise on:


  • The Know, Like, Trust Triangle
  • Why you need to over communicate everything about the deal
  • Choosing properties that will cash flow from day 1 
  • How long to wait before giving distributions 
  • How often to send emails and updates…
  • Tools for communication
  • Where some sponsors go wrong with investor relations
  • What to automate and what not to automate when communicating with investors
  • 50% of their list open the new deal emails – how he reaches the other 50%
  • What investor information he keeps in his phone and why
  • Transparency – How and What
  • What kind of deal to never invest in
  • What to do to prepare investors for the possibility of something going wrong
  • How to keep investors happy if something does go wrong
  • Example – How they maintained the level of returns
  • How to build the relationship 
  • Personal interest
  • Keeping investors – detailed underwriting 
  • Keeping investors happy – operating funds in reserve
  • Investors and operators – profit share
  • How do you get repeat investors
  • The process for securing capital