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How to Raise Capital with a Digital Platform to Raise with Todd Heitner

Todd is the Founder and CEO of Apartment Investor Pro, which specializes in building websites for syndication and other multifamily investing. For 15 years, Todd has been helping real estate investors set up a professional online presence.

Today, we discuss the ins and outs of their business and how they help investors elevate and improve their real estate investing experience.

How to Optimize A Website for Real Estate Investors with Todd Heitner - With John Casmon

Key Takeaways to Optimize a Website for Real Estate Investors

  • How Todd helps real estate investors with their websites

  • Why your website is a critical component to your business success

People expect a business to have a website, and when you don’t, it hurts your credibility

  • How to make your REI website effective

  • An easy way to capture contact information from your website visitors

  • Examples of effective lead magnets

  • The steps involved in the process of building out your website, figuring out who your audience is, and creating a lead generation aspect

  • What to look for in finding the right web hosting platform

  • Working with WordPress vs. other web hosting platforms

Syndication Website Design With Todd Heitner - With Joe Fairless

Todd owns a company called Apartment Investor Pro, a company that builds websites for apartment investors. Todd gives different items to keep in mind when creating your own website which includes; back end, front end, hosting, and increasing traffic. 

Listen to The Podcast Here

Todd Heitner Real Estate Background:

  • Has been building websites for real estate investors for the past 15 years
  • His business, Apartment Investor Pro, takes the pain out of setting up a website for your multifamily investing business
  • Based in Roanoke, VA
  • Say hi to him at www.apartmentinvestorpro.com 

Apartment Building Investing podcast – With Michael Blank

So, you’re on the phone with a real estate broker or a potential investor. Chances are, they’re Googling you to see if you’re the real deal. If they don’t find a website, it’s unlikely they’ll take you seriously. And if they find a poorly designed site, that’s even worse! A quality website affords you instant credibility as a syndicator. But is there an easy way to build a good one without investing a lot of time or money in the process?

Todd Heitner is the founder of Apartment Investor Pro and Done Deal Websites. He supports real estate investors in building professional-quality websites. Todd’s service includes beautiful design, well-written content and quick setup, giving you the credibility and systems you need to connect with brokers and investors at a fraction of the cost.

The Real Estate Syndication Show - With Whitney Sewell


Small business owners often wonder if there is a need for them to create a website. Are you one of them? Todd Heitner enlightens us why every business owner should have a professional website for their business. Todd has been specifically building websites for real estate investors for almost fifteen years. He shares with us the importance of having a professional website as an apartment syndicator, some of the elements of a good website design, as well as the problems encountered when building one.

Real Estate Investor Summit - With Mitch Stephen

If you are not online in this day and age, then you are missing out. In this episode, Todd Heitner, owner and founder of Apartment Investor Pro, talks about building a website for the apartment investor. He shares how you can get credibility and portray to the world that you’re in the game through a professional website with the right content and SEOs that can move you straight to the top. Todd dives into the options available for business owners in building their own website, from doing it yourself to hiring people online. Todd then shares why he and his company would be the best option and fit for you to build your website with over fifteen years of experience in the industry.

Multifamily Investing - With Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens


Todd Heitner is the founder of Apartment Investor Pro where he has been designing websites for real estate investors for over 15 years. Todd and I discuss the importance of having a website and why every real estate investor needs to have one!

Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing | Ola Dantis


Todd has been designing websites for real estate investors for over 15 years. Todd grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, but was quick to figure out that was not the life for him. He enjoys experiencing other cultures and spending quality time with friends and family.

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate - With Sam Wilson

How do you use the Internet to your advantage?  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them! Todd Heitner has been helping real estate investors tap into the power of the Internet for over 17 years.  His focus is on helping multifamily syndicators boost their credibility by a professional website without all of the normal hassles of creating one.  His company, Apartment Investor Pro, can help syndicators have their website up and running in as little as a day or two which allows them to focus their time on finding deals and investors or on scaling their business.

The Real Estate Raw Show: Todd Heitner and Joe Mendoza

Today on The Real Estate Raw Show Todd Heitner talks about his investor journey.

Accelerated Real Estate Investor - With Josh Cantrell

Gaining credibility with brokers and investors can be a bit of an obstacle when you’re trying to break through as a real estate investor, which is why it’s critical to have a professional website for your business.

Joining me to talk all about it on the podcast, is Todd Heitner. Todd is the CEO of ApartmentInvestorPro.com which provides website development services for multifamily investors. They specialize in helping investors create amazing websites without breaking the bank or spending weeks and months developing a custom solution.

The DJE Podcast - Real Estate Investing with Devin Elder

Todd Heitner, Founder of Apartment Investor Pro, joins us to discuss growing a multifamily real estate investment business through online marketing, building credibility, and focusing on high dollar-per-hour activities.

The Multifamily 5 Podcast - With Mark Allen

In this episode of The Multifamily 5 Podcast, Mark speaks with Todd Heitner of Apartment Investor Pro to discuss the importance of having a professtonal website and how it boosts credibility on all levels. Listen in to learn more about branding your area of expertise online and how a website can help you build relationships, capture leads, and attract investors as well as educate them.

Apartment Investor Pro started building websites for real estate investors over 15 years ago. Today they specialize in websites for syndication and other multifamily investing.
“We saw that for many investors, setting up their website was a huge hassle that often took months to complete. That’s a big distraction from finding investors and deals and is not a good use of time.
We built Apartment Investor Pro to solve this problem. We created professional designs and content you can use to have your website working for you in record time.”

Real Estate Asset Management Podcast - With Gary Lipsky

Websites are a key piece in establishing credibility. It is not just enough to have an online presence though; your website should reflect who you are professionally. Todd Heitner’s company, Apartment Investor Pro, helps GPs create fantastic websites, leaving them more time to focus on things like deal sourcing and fundraising. In today’s episode, Todd walks us through the importance of a website, some key things to keep in mind when you hire someone to create one, and how websites bring people to you. Tune in today to hear it all!

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