AIP 010: How to Manage Your Investors for Multifamily Syndication Deals-Josiah Mann


Guest: Josiah Mann, Founder & Creator of Investor Deal Room


Josiah shares his expertise on:

  • Who syndication portal software is / is not a good fit for
  • The problems every successful syndicator encounters as they scale
  • How your management process equals the investor experience
  • Why having clarity and a good business process is critical
  • What are the signs you’d be a good candidate for a more robust investor portal?
  • When in your syndication business should you consider it?
  • What type of sponsor/syndicator would never need to use such software?
  • Why technology can’t solve all pains and make things perfect
  • Free solutions for those just getting started
  • A live demo of Investor Deal Room through the investor’s eyes
  • Things Investors should not be bothering the syndicator about
  • Your business won’t be scalable if you’re spending your time on this.
  • How one syndicator woke up to an extra $300,000 in capital waiting for him
  • Going from nightmares around getting K1’s out on time, to 1-click and done
  • Why you should be concerned about security
  • One free tool to manage all your passwords
  • The #1 way syndicators become a target risk for hackers
  • The 3 second check to see if your account’s been compromised
  • The biggest practical concern a syndicator should be looking out for


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