AIP 011: Creating Successful MultiFamily Partnerships – Anna Kelley


Guest: Anna Kelley

In this episode, Anna shares her expertise on:

  • When you want to grow a business with the same partners versus do deals with a variety of partners
  • Why investors are more comfortable when more people are involved
  • How to identify what you, personally, need in a partner
  • 3 things you need to know about yourself before you can decide on a partner
  • The wrong way to get into a partnership
  • How partnerships can be structured, different ways JV’s can work depending on how many partners
  • Why “Hey I like you, you like me, let’s figure out how to partner together” is a bad idea & can lead to catastrophe
  • Should you expect a partner to contribute financially to running a business? 
  • Why you can still do deals together even when you’re not on the same page
  • Red flags to watch for when going into a partnership
  • How & when to listen to your gut
  • When is it better to NOT do a deal?
  • What type of person is best to continue alone? Who are partnerships for?
  • The series of questions to ask yourself & potential partner first
  • When you’re a good fit, but still shouldn’t work together
  • What to say to squelch a partnership without saying “I don’t like you / want to work with you”

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