11 Best Real Estate Investor Software for Multifamily Syndication

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Imagine you’re visiting your parents or in-laws and getting ready to go out to eat when you get a call from one of your investors. Surprised, you answer as your mom grabs her purse. “Hi David,” you say. “How are you doing?” 

David, as it turns out, is not doing well. At least, not when it comes to his opinion of you. You glance at your parents (you know, the ones who are really impressed by your career as a syndicator), hold up a finger and step outside, though you know they’ve heard David’s heated tone. 

David is as new to investing as you are to syndication – experienced enough to know what should happen, but not experienced enough yet to be certain they aren’t making a mistake. David thinks maybe he’s made a mistake trusting you, and it turns out you’ve made a mistake in not fulfilling your end of the deal. No, not in making him money – in keeping him updated

You talk him down, apologize for your oversight, and promise to get better systems in place to ensure no investor of yours ever feels like they are being kept in the dark. While this incident with David only cost you a happy evening, another mishap could cost you the entire relationship.

You know there has got to be a better system than simply keeping “update investors” on your to-do list. Fortunately, there is: real estate syndication software and investor portals. 

Why Investor Portals are Essential

As you can see from what happened in this scenario, it’s essential not to drop the ball. While forgetting to email someone an update may seem like no big deal, it will make your investor(s) feel like you’ve taken their money and disappeared – especially if they’re new to syndication and aren’t entirely sure what to expect. When you give them a portal they can log into, you give them the power to check-in whenever they want, and depending on the software you use, additional features as well. 

So, if you are a syndicator, or possibly even if you are still working on your first deal, you may want to consider using investor management software to provide a premium experience for your investors. Below, we’ll cover 8 of the best and another 10 you can investigate if they don’t meet your needs. 

Since there are so many portals—and it can feel like comparing apples to oranges—pause now to outline your needs. It’s easy to get sucked into comparing features you never even knew you needed, so it’s a good idea to pause here to write a list of what you’d like to offer your investors and have for your business. 

11 Top Real Estate Syndication Investor Portal Software (& More Options)

1. Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal is real estate syndication software that accelerates capital raising.

Watch the interview and demo.

Who is it for?

GPs syndicating multifamily deals.

Who is it not for?

GPs that want 100% white label solution

What are the benefits of this system over other options?

  • Their approach is product-driven. They are the only tool in the market with free sign up  without a credit card, and you don’t have to pay anything until you close a deal, and then it’s $1,000/year/property. Monthly payments are also available. Contracts can be terminated at any point. No questions asked.
  • Features offered:
    • Bulk upload contacts 
    • Investment profiles
    • View your profile as a passive investor
    • Raise equity
    • Create e-signature templates
    • Bulk upload documents
    • 2-factor authentication 
    • Integration with CRM
    • ACH 
    • Email your investors

Anything else?

The founder is a syndicator who works as an engineering manager in Silicon Valley so they know their stuff. In addition to free until close, if you mention Apartment Investor Pro they will give you 3 extra months free!

2. InvestNext

Watch the interview and demo.

3. Syndication Pro

Syndication Pro is an impressive option that is ideal for someone with big ambitions. It really aims to automate as much for you as possible, from advertising new opportunities to fundraising and more. You can manage all your communication with investors within the platform, they can easily access reports, and you can even work with co-sponsors while retaining the anonymity of the investors on your respective lists. 

There are two pricing bands, those for businesses managing over $25M and those for under. Regardless, you’ll need to register your details to access accurate pricing information for your needs. 

Who is it for? 

It’s best for syndicators and fund managers working within commercial real estate. While the software is sophisticated, the software is suitable for all – from someone arranging their first deal to those managing billion-dollar portfolios. Of course, it’s also ideal for those looking to co-sponsor.  

Who is it not for? 

Those working with single-family units. (Though they do say it could be suitable for those syndicating a large portfolio of single-family units.) 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

Besides the sophisticated features for both you and your investors, they are currently the only SEC-compliant option if you want to work with a co-sponsor. It can also take soft commitments for new opportunities, which allows you to warm investors and get interested parties early and get fast funding. 

Anything else? 

Two out of the three founders are syndicators themselves, so they understand your needs, pay attention to market trends, and embed them into the platform. They are sponsor-obsessed and people-first. 

You can also get your first month free if you mention you came from Apartment Investor Pro!  Click Here

4. Avestor

Avestor is a customizable fund provider, which is different from most of the services in this list. They are the only service we know of offering this type of service. Even if you think you don’t need a fund, if you’re doing syndication you should watch the interview and demo below. If you’re doing more than one syndication deal per year, this could save you money.


Or, if you’re a capital raiser for other people’s deals, you should definitely check this out. It can keep you from getting cut out of future deals because the syndicator you’re raising money for won’t get access to the investors you’re bringing to the deal.

Watch the interview and demo.

Who is it for? 

Syndicators / GPs who will do more than one deal per year, or for capital raisers who raise capital for other people’s deals.  

Who is it not for? 

Syndicators doing just one deal per year.

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

It’s really in a league of its own because we don’t know of another service that lets you create a customizable fund. The benefits are that it can save you lots of money if you’re doing multiple deals per year, or if you’re raising capital for other people’s deals, your list of investors remains private and you won’t get cut out of future deals.

5. GroundBreaker

GroundBreaker offers a simple, intuitive interface, making it easy for you to stay in contact with investors and keep track of their status and commitments. The entire software is geared toward making your relationships easier to manage and offering investors a sophisticated yet simple interface to keep track of their investments. At a glance, they can see what they’ve committed, contributed, their total distributions, as well as review new deals, access documents, and explore investments through photos, maps, and more.  

They offer an instant demo, and their pricing is accessible for even those still working on their first deals. Best of all, their features are largely unlimited, so you simply scale based on the equity you’re managing. If you’re managing the minimum (up to $1M), pricing starts at $100/mo (plus an activation fee) and goes up to $800/mo for up to $24 million. Pricing is custom above that, and you can discount the overall cost by up to 30% by paying for 12-24 months upfront. 

Who is it for? 

Due to the affordability of the software and zero limits on deals, entities, and investors, it’s a great choice for those starting out or who manage a lot of different deals and projects at a lower overall value. 

Who is it not for? 

Large firms with teams of over 25 or managing more than $100M in equity. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

It’s extremely simple – and that’s definitely a good thing. If you’re just getting started, their solution is affordable, easy to use, and offers your investors a clean and easy interface to use. It’s a great way to get professional fast. 

Anything else? 

You can easily brand it to match your visual branding, and you can also operate it from your own domain, so you can integrate it into your website if preferred. 

6. Investor Deal Room

Investor Deal Room is an investor management software that offers both you and your investors a way to manage your relationship and reporting all in one place. You can send bulk emails, upload K1s, store individual investor documents, and get a range of reports for you and your investors. They also have high-level security, which includes regular independent penetration tests, so you can rest assured your information is safe. 

You can access their demo instantly, and pricing is upfront. As of the time of writing it’s $500/mo if you pay annually ($550 paid monthly) for up to 100 investors and 10 projects, $750-$800/mo for 150 investors and 15 projects, and custom pricing above that. 

Who is it for? 

Investor Deal Room is one of the best real estate syndication software choices for those who have at least 1 deal already and are looking to grow. 

Who is it not for? 

Syndicators still in the list-building phase and have not yet done a deal. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

It’s simple and straight forward for both end-users (you and investor), and all you need to do to get your investor set up is share a link with them. 

Anything else? 

If you mention you came from Apartment Investor Pro, you can get $1,000 off set-up!

7. Juniper Square

Juniper Square is one of the industry-leading choices and has facilitated over $1 trillion in assets. You can easily provide your investors with a sophisticated portal where they can sign documents, see reports, and their most recent activity across their investments. They provide you with unlimited phone and email support, their employees understand the business, and they’ll train your team on how to use the software seamlessly. 

You need to contact them for custom pricing. 

Who is it for? 

Juniper Square is best suited for experienced syndicators and firms. While they do offer a pricing option for early-stage syndicators, your access to their features is notably lacking from their professional pricing option. 

Who is it not for? 

Beginners and those with 3 deals or less. While they do have an option for those early in their career, you will miss out on many of their best features. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

They’re experienced in working with some of the biggest firms and understand what it takes to keep both their clients and their clients’ clients happy. They will work with you every step of ensuring their system is fully implemented in your company. 

Anything else? 

They have an impressive list of current clients

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8. RealPage AKA Investor Management Services (IMS)

Investor Management Services’ interface isn’t as pretty as some of the others, but it looks streamlined and professional. The investor portal allows you to accelerate deals in a dedicated deal room, manage distribution waterfall, documents, and investor statements. You can gauge interest from your investors before entering a new market or purchasing a new asset. 

Who is it for? 

Commercial real estate firms looking for a professional investor portal. 

Who is it not for? 

Those looking to break the mold. While it has all the essentials, it doesn’t have many bells and whistles like other platforms in this list. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

Offers your investors an app. 

Anything else? 


9. Track Investor

Track Investor is a good basic portal that allows you to get the most essential information to your investors all in one place. Features are limited, which is reflected in their pricing. If you’re simply looking to offer your investors an overview and a CMS, this may be the software for you. 

Pricing reflects the basic nature of the software, at just $50/mo for 1 sponsor up to 25 projects and $80/mo for unlimited. 

Who is it for? 

Beginners or syndicators that just simply want to upgrade from email. 

Who is it not for? 

Anyone looking for sophisticated features or to offer their investor an in-depth dashboard. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

The low cost. 

Anything else? 

Due to the simplicity, you can be up and running in just minutes. 

10. FundWave

FundWave offers a modern dashboard, custom branding and shows your investors all the information they need at-a-glance. It integrates with DocuSign, you can share secure data and give all your team members access. 

Pricing is affordable: $150/mo for up to 10 investors and $500/mo for up to 25 investors. There are additional plans that increase with how many investors you have. 

Who is it for? 

Syndicators who want to offer their investors a premium experience but are still organizing small deals. 

Who is it not for? 

Those who would rather pay based on equity instead of the number of investors. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

You can get a 15-day free trial with no credit card required. 

Anything else? 

They offer other products that may offer you the additional features you need. 

11. Update Capital 

Update Capital provides you and investors with a simple but good-looking UI that provides all the essential information at-a-glance. You can provide your investors with access to your past projects and upcoming deals, so you have less work to do to fund future deals. It integrates with many essential other apps, including DocuSign. 

Who is it for? 

Syndicators and firms managing thousands of units and over $200M in equity. 

Who is it not for? 

Those making their first deals. 

What are the benefits of this system over other options? 

It’s simple, has a modern design, and integrates with other essential tools. 

Anything else? 

It may be suitable for smaller firms and syndicators, but it would be worth requesting a demo to find out if you like the look of the features. 

Other Real Estate Syndication Software Options 

There are also other investor portals you can look into, but we didn’t find a lot of information on them. If the above platforms aren’t right for you, you can do some research and find out if one of the following is right for you: 

  • Appfolio – largely a property management tool, but does also have some features to help you attract new investors
  • Dynamo – aimed at alternative assets or those managing assets in multiple verticals, so if you’re doing more than just managing property assets, this may be a good software to look into
  • InvestorFlow – another software that manages assets in a range of verticals and offers many of the features the best on our list offers
  • Investor Portal Pro – good-looking software that integrates with other software and offers GIS mapping, but their screenshots aren’t clear enough to really assess if it will be the right fit for your business without contacting them for a closer look
  • Relevant EquityWorks – this fund accounting software allows you to do more than just manage your investors, but if you’re doing more and need more, this may be one to research further (they have a self-guided video tour)
  • SatuitSIP – a secure investor portal with features that allow you to monitor clicks and log-ins, but little information on their site
  • Navatar – a simplified platform with integrations, but the UI is dated
  • WIPFLI – offers a portal but little information on site (not even a CTA button), so it may not be worth your time unless you’re already using their products 

How to Best Use Investor Management Software

Now that we’ve covered the best, as well as some alternatives that may be better for your situation, let’s cover some of the ways you can use this software to advance your business. Of course, when it comes to this software, it’s all about relationships. Here are some best practices that will prevent those late night calls from frustrated investors that are threatening to pull out: 

  • Overcommunicate: too much communication is going to be better than not enough. Even if you make your investors money, they may choose to go elsewhere if they felt the rest of the relationship was lacking. Make sure you’re communicating or have a team member who’s responsible for that.
  • Be transparent: things don’t always go perfectly or seamlessly. Your investors are likely business-people, so they understand this. Trying to pull the wool over their eyes will only end in disaster for you. Don’t be afraid to tell them when things aren’t going as planned, and tell them what you plan to do to put things right. In fact when things go bad you need to communicate more than ever.
  • Set accurate expectations: this not only goes for how much money your investor(s) can expect to make, but how often you will deliver updates, when you will ask for their input and in what format, how you will confirm funds have been received, and more. 

For more information on how best to manage your communications and create winning relationships, see our recent, in depth article on how to Keep Your Investors Happy So They Will Invest Again & Again

How you communicate with your investors is absolutely everything in your business – it will dictate if they’re willing to invest with you again, if they’re happy about the relationship, and if they’ll refer you to others. If you do everything perfectly but miss the mark on getting the returns you promised, you may still keep that investor for another deal if you impress them with your management skills. 

However, if you fail to communicate sufficiently or even purposely keep them in the dark, you’re going to struggle to keep people around unless you’re knocking their investments out of the park every single time, and they’ll overlook your shortcomings for that one reason. 

So, invest in the right software. When communication & investor management is easy for you (and your team) you’ll be much more likely to fund a steady stream of deals that helps you and your investors get great returns over and over again. 

If you’re ready to establish or upgrade your online presence, we’re here to help. Our multifamily websites easily and seamlessly integrate with some of the best investor portals and property management apps out there as well as other essential applications. 


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