AIP 012: How to Find Great Multifamily Deals – Jonathan Twombly


Guest: Jonathan Twombly

In this episode, Jonathan talks about Tips for talking to and working with brokers and more :

  • What are the steps to finding brokers? 5 step process to get foot in the door.
  • Most common ways to find deals.
  • There are off market and Really off market deals.
  • How happy are Brokers to hear from a new investor?
  • Create a good impression.
  • How to overcome that “Proof of funds” question
  • How to eliminate doubts that a Broker may have in you
  • What if you don’t have much real estate experience? How do you address that?
  • Put together a professional team
  • What to do when a Broker sends you that 1st deal.
  • 5 points to eliminate doubts that a broker might have in you.

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