Use Automation to Keep Your Multifamily Syndication Investor Leads From Falling Through the Cracks

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Maybe you can relate to what was happening to me.

An important contact would book a call.

When it came time for the call, sometimes they forgot about it and were not prepared.

Usually we’d have the call anyway and maybe things went reasonably well.  The prospect indicated they intended to move forward.

But then a few days go by and they hadn’t taken the next step.  I’d get busy with other things and another week would go by.  At this point the prospect is cooling off and this great lead turns into a dead end.

I didn’t have a system in place for following up after the call.  I thought the prospect would reach out to me when they were ready, but that never happened.  Sometimes I had good intentions of following up with them to move things forward but somehow that never happened either.

Great leads were being wasted.

Here’s a visual representation of the process:


How can you keep this from happening?

I knew I was dropping the ball, so I made a plan to solve this problem in my business and I want to share with you how I did it so you can do the same.

Here was my plan:


That sounds great, but there’s the matter of figuring out how to technically do it.

I knew there must be a way to solve this problem through automation.

When someone books a call through Calendly (a free event management tool), I wanted them to automatically get added to my CRM (I’m using ActiveCampaign).  But not just added as a contact.  That’s not enough to convert a prospect to a partner.

Here were my goals:

  • Before the call:  Make sure the person booking the call not only shows up, but shows up prepared
  • After the call:  Make sure the prospect gets a follow up and takes the next step

Here are the benefits:

  • Reduce wasted time from prospects forgetting about the call or not being prepared for the call
  • Have peace of mind, knowing you’re not forgetting an important lead
  • Close more leads which means more money in the bank!


Want to know exactly how I set this up? 

If you want to learn how to do this (yes, even if you’re not tech savvy)…

Well, you’re in luck. Below I’ll share step-by-step instructions for how I set this up and how you can too.

How Top Syndicator, Michael Blank, is Using Automation in His Business

I interviewed well-known multifamily syndicator, Michael Blank, to see how he’s using automation in his business.

You’ll learn:

  1.  How automation can save you time in your investment business
  2.  How to keep important leads from falling through the cracks
  3.  Pros and cons of different CRM services (Customer Relationship Management)

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