Build Authority as a Multifamily Syndicator to Attract Passive Investors

Finding Passive Investors, Multifamily Investing

Is it possible to raise over $100 million in your first year as a multifamily syndicator?

How can you get accredited investors to line up to give you their dollars?

Is there a proven process to follow for these results?

Case Study: How Dan Came To Be A Trusted Name In Multifamily In Just 1 Year 

Dan Hanford got started in multifamily in 2018. Within just one year he had over 130 million dollars in multifamily property acquisitions.

Are you kidding me? Talk about the multifamily equivalent of an overnight success!

I’ve tracked Dan’s career and even spoken at his annual live event. I can tell you one thing that Dan’s done from the start that is a secret to his success.

What Did Dan Do That Was So Vital?

Dan built authority. That led to his elevation as a prominent figure in the world of multifamily. 

Imagine yourself following the same system, getting only half the results. This time next year you’d have over 65 million in property acquisitions! Let’s see exactly what Dan did and then we’ll go behind the scenes to see how you can make this work for you. 

When someone learns about Dan Hanford’s 3-day live, online multifamily conference (Multifamily Investor Nation hosts 60+ multifamily investing experts as speakers) they automatically assume that Dan, as the host and originator of that event, is an authority on multifamily investing.

The trust that Dan has gained by building authority through his podcast and his virtual event, is one of the most important factors in his success.

Video – Building Authority Through Your Multifamily Website

By building authority through his online content Dan was able to gain over 130 million dollars in multifamily property acquisitions in just 12 short months!

I want to help you have that same kind of success.

In this month’s video I will show you exactly how to:

  • Automate your relationship-building process with new investors
  • Avoid mistakes of poorly performing, authority-undermining websites
  • Choose the best option for your budget & current starting point

Click here to watch the video and learn how to use your website to build authority.

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Here Are 3 Things You Must Understand – The What, Why And How Of Authority Building

Your path does not have to be exactly the same as Dan’s. You don’t have to host an online event or podcast to become an authority. But You must understand:

  • What Is Authority?
  • Why Is It So Important?
  • How Do You Build Authority?

1. What Is Authority?

You have “authority” when people perceive you as an expert they can trust.

If you share extensive or specialized knowledge about a subject, you are viewed as an expert, meaning you have authority and influence. 

Ever noticed the root of the word author-ity is “author”? The idea here is to become an “originator” or “promoter”. And it’s not as difficult as you think. Actually it’s pretty simple.

If you produce & promote valuable content, that makes you the author. When people see you as the originator (author) of quality information related to multifamily, automatically, you are an authority figure to them! It really is that simple.

2. Why Is It So Important?

Authority leads to trust and trust is the real game changer. 

When someone goes online to do research about investing in multifamily real estate, who will they trust? 

The investor with the most experience? Surprisingly (or, maybe not so surprisingly) no. They trust the investor with authority more than the experience.

Why? One reason is because being the “author” of information they consume instantly elevates you in their perception.

But another powerful reason is they’ve already had the opportunity to come to know you, and like you. 

By reading, viewing or listening to your content, investors and other key players can make a decision about liking and trusting you without you having to spend any of your time with them personally. 

Then when they are serious about investing, you’d be amazed at how little resistance there is. Before they ever speak to you personally, they know who you are, they view you as an expert in the field and they’ve decided they trust you enough to invest, just from consuming your content!

When you’re the authority figure, they already know, like and trust you before they pick up the phone for that first conversation. 

Your content did the work for you.

3. How Do You Build Authority?

Step 1:

Set up a functional website

Yes we are a website company for multi-family investors. No, this article wasn’t written just to plug our sites (in fact, in the video I share the resources that we have used so that you can DIY if that’s the route you want to take)! If you already have a website, does it:

-allow you to have a lead magnet?

-give you a place to post your content (blog post, podcast, etc.)?

If you don’t have a website yet, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process that requires months of your time. is one option that allows you to have your site up and running as soon as today. In this article I’ll give you access to all the resources to build a professional site if you want to Do-It-Yourself.

Regardless of the path you choose, having a professional website that gives you a place to put the content you create is an essential part of building authority.

Once you have your website set up right, one of your most powerful pieces of content will be your lead magnet.

Step 2:

Add a lead magnet to your website. 

A lead magnet is something you give people for free in exchange for an email address and permission to continue sending them more of your content.

One example of a lead magnet is a free report in PDF format that informs and educates prospective investors about an aspect of multifamily investing.  

It could be a checklist, a special report, a video, etc.  But it must provide value and demonstrate your expertise.

Here’s an example of the lead magnet included with Apartment Investor Pro’s Pro & Executive Plans:

You can create your own for free with a tool like It will have their brand on the lead magnet – not ideal – but it is a free & easy way to get started. 

Another option is to write the content and hire someone on Fiverr to design & create the lead magnet for you. 

Whatever route you choose, just make sure your lead magnet meets the criteria for being effective!

Here are a few pointers on what makes a lead magnet effective:

Make it specific. Both of these offer the same thing, but which one do you want?

  1. Subscribe to our Newsletter(Bad example! Not specific.)
  2. Learn the Top 10 markets for multifamily investing in 2022(Better because the title offers something specific.)

Make it consumable. It should be SHORT, and consumable in minutes. Otherwise it’s a hindrance in your investor on-boarding process. Think in terms of a “case study,” or a “report,” rather than “a series of emails” or a “book.”

Make it valuable. It should have high perceived value & high actual value, delivering an “AHA” moment.

Once you have your site set up and you have an effective lead magnet, you can start building on that platform.

Step 3:

Get your content rolling. 

From here, building your authority can happen pretty fast. 

It happened fast for Dan Hanford because he started producing content and within months he was establishing himself as a thought leader in the multifamily field. 

Which type of content seems most attainable & sustainable for you? Blog articles, podcasts, videos, email newsletters, or something else? What type of content are you most comfortable producing? Which would you enjoy most?

An action plan could be as simple as writing down all the blog topic ideas you can think of and then picking 12 to use for the upcoming year.

From the 12 pick the one for next month that you feel inspired about right now and get authoring!

Setting goals for your blog and blogging efforts will give you the best way to measure progress.

If you decide to do something a little more ambitious like hosting your own podcast, you can get to work on putting together a list of suitable interviewees.

Be sure you have enough interviewees lined up. A good guide is to reach out to 3 times more people than you actually need. Not all will respond and that’s OK!

For example, if you decide on a weekly podcast then contact 12 potential interviewees (4 podcasts a month X 3 = 12 prospects to reach out to).

Or if you’d rather do a monthly podcast, ask at least 3 people per month (1 podcast a month X 3 = 3 prospects to contact).

Make sure, whatever method & schedule you choose that it is sustainable. Choose what works for you.

Here comes the fun part. Let’s say that you decide you will start by publishing one blog article a month. Will you start next month? 

What day next month will you aim to publish. Keep in mind that publishing a high-quality piece of content involves work.

Will you be writing it yourself or will you be outsourcing it? If someone else will do it, let your content writer tell you how long it will take to write the article, don’t forget time for rewrites and edits. 

So all that stands between you and becoming an author-ity is to give your first piece of content a date for publishing. 

Excited to get started? We are excited for you. 

What are you waiting for? We wish you happy authoring and look forward to seeing your results.

Get The Free 7 Point Checklist.


The exact resources we use to build websites.


Tips from over two decades of experience building websites for real estate investors.


Guidance on every aspect of building your website – from branding to automation.

Are You Ready To Take Step 1 In Your Authority Building Process?

The sooner you do that, the faster you will get to the point of becoming an authority and a trusted name in multifamily syndication.

Step 1 is to get your website up and running. As we’ve discussed, there are a number of ways to do that but remember, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process that requires months of your time. can have your site up and running today

Once you have your professional website online you will then have a place to put the content you create and you can start getting your name known.

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