Build Credibility with Your Online Profile Picture


build credibilty

How do you build credibility in real estate as an REI?

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression according to some sources.

In this digital age, a profile picture is what we see first when it comes to many of the people we have the opportunity to network with and do business with.

Whether we care to admit it or not we form definite judgments either consciously or subconsciously about those potential contacts based on their profile pic.

This fact should be viewed as an opportunity because by simply taking a bit of care with your online profile picture you can help people to form an instant positive opinion about you if you get it right.

So your profile picture is vital for your personal brand and online networking. It has a direct impact on your credibility as a real estate investor.

Check out the following tips:

Show Your Face and Smile

Make sure your profile picture is a picture of your smiling face and not of your pet goldfish or any other such playful whimsy. Don’t include more of yourself in the shot than your head and shoulders.

We tend to do business with and want to work with people that we like. When you show your face, and open your mouth and smile you convey a message of relaxed openness that makes you instantly likable.

When you appear relaxed, you make others relax and you let others know that you are approachable and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope, and positivity to all who see it.

When people see your smiling face it may actually brighten their mood, this means you’ve started out the potential interaction and subsequent relationship by doing the other person a good turn you’ve brightened their day.

A smile is powerful and that’s why it’s the number one tip in creating a good profile picture.

Lighting and Distance

If you choose to take your profile photo outdoors, avoid direct sunlight. If you choose an indoor shot, avoid overhead light. Both can create harsh shadows. The light from a nearby window and the light from a lamp that illuminates you from a slightly high angle on the side are good light sources for portraits.

What you want to avoid are shadows under the eyes and nose which are not flattering.

In your profile picture, the eyes are very important. You don’t want the clarity of your eyes to be lost in shadow.

Make sure that your headshot is not too close to the camera or too far away. If you are properly framed within the shot you should be able to see a bit of background but your face should fill most of the image.

Take a look at some different examples and you will quickly see what distance works and what doesn’t work.


Background and Colors

Because the focus of the profile picture is you and not the background it is best to a simple, single colored background.

A powerful tip is to use contrasting colors to your advantage. Since warm colors contrast with cool colors, if you are wearing warm colors, choose a contrasting cool background.

In fact, this is the best way round to do it since most networking sites use a cool background color so it is a good idea to wear warm colors in your profile pic.

We are convinced that the way you present yourself is vital to your success as a real estate investor and this is especially so as an investor in the multifamily arena, to that end we are happy to provide you with the ultimate online face with a professional website.


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