Cash Flow Portal Review and Discount


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A multifamily syndicator you have a lot to juggle, such as: 

  • Capital
  • Investor relations
  • Asset

This calls for lots of time and different tools so that you can run your syndication business successfully.

What if all these different tasks could not only be managed from one platform but also automated?

With such a tool you could focus on what really makes you money – the analyzing and closing of deals.

Cash Flow Portal offers software that helps you get the job done and keep your investors in the loop of everything important. 

This will not only make them happy but also save you a ton of time.

And it gets better. 

Cashflow Portal is both for syndicators working on their first deal and for seasoned syndicators. 

Their syndication software helps you grow your business and is a good fit for any stage your business is at.

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