Do you have any advice about working from home versus from an office?

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Todd Heitner

Do you have any advice about working from home versus maybe working from an office or something like that? Renting an office space?

Ellie Perlman

I did both. It really depends on your setup. I mean, I work well in an office and also from my house. I like to diversify in kind of my surroundings. I like to go to coffee shops every once in a while to just get out of the house. But even before COVID, I used to kind of combine working from home and working from my office. So, many times in my business, many times you’re on the phone. So just being in an office and interrupting everyone is not the best thing to do. And most of my team is remote anyways. So you know, it doesn’t matter for me, one way or the other. I know that some of my employees have a noise canceling headphones so they can stay focused. I don’t have a lot of distractions at home. So, for me it works great.

Todd Heitner

Yeah, I can relate to what you said about having that variety, like having some days where you maybe work at home or the office and then you go to a coffee shop or something. I found that. Yeah, because, you know, you’re there for a certain purpose. Like, it helps you to kind of stay focused on that and you don’t have the, you know, whatever, have the distractions you might normally have.

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