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It might feel like every apartment investor and multifamily syndicator has their own podcast nowadays.  The good news is that means there is a ton of free training out there that can tell you just about everything you need to know about multifamily investing.  The bad news is it can be a little overwhelming to decide what to listen to.

So where do you start?

We put together a list of some of the best apartment investing and multifamily syndication podcasts.  They’re not in any particular order.

So, without further ado, here are some of the hottest apartment investing podcasts out there that are both educational and downright entertaining to help you spearhead your wealth-building goals.


*drum-roll please*

1. The Apartment Investing Podcast 


  • Host: Michael Blank 
  • Focus: Becoming financially free through real estate investing 
  • Click here to listen 

The Apartment Investing Podcast by Michael Blank is a powerful and fun learning resource that is targeted to help anyone become a million-dollar investor in just 3 to 5 years. Michael is an expert multifamily investor himself, a full-time entrepreneur, and holds a strong passion for helping others win at financial independence, and he reflects that through his captivating first-hand insights that position his listeners for ultimate success.

Here’s the episode where we were featured.

2. The Best Ever Show 


  • Host: Joe Fairless 
  • Focus: All things real estate investing with a primary focus on apartment syndications and passive real estate investing
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Discover how to achieve max investing profits and gain back your precious time through passive income with The Best Ever Show by Joe Fairless. This podcast features a new episode every day with some of real estate’s most influential figures and skips the small talk. Instead, they dive headfirst into what works and what doesn’t, and offer exceptional advice on how you can become the next multifamily syndication millionaire.

Listen to the episode where we were interviewed.

4. The Multifamily Investing Academy Podcast

  • Host: Charles Dobens
  • Focus: Dissecting the intricacies of building and protecting multifamily investing assets 
  • Click here to listen

Charles Dobens, a renowned multifamily attorney and the founder of The Multifamily Investing Academy, offers impeccable first-hand real estate investing knowledge to promote sustainable, lasting wealth. This podcast features many episodes with various industry expert guests, so sit back and absorb each discussion that will not only walk you through how to acquire & maintain million-dollar assets, but also how to protect them every step of the way. 

We were featured on this podcast here.

4. Apartment Investor Pro



  • Host: Todd Heitner 
  • Focus: Dynamic real estate investing advice with a keen focus on quality, not quantity
  • Click here to listen

Yes, we’re putting a shameless plug for our podcast here.  But we’re pretty proud of it!  When it comes to thriving in multifamily investing, it is all about quality, not quantity.  Rather than trying to put out tons of episodes, we focus on going really in-depth on a certain topic.  We interview some of the biggest players in multifamily syndication to give you highly educational content that you can start applying immediately.  From building solid partnerships down to granular tips on how to advance your syndication business, sit back and enjoy this educational podcasting experience that will help you get ahead by working smarter, not harder.

5. The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate 


  • Host: Rod Khleif
  • Focus: Creating generational wealth through multifamily investing  
  • Click here to listen 

For those who are adamant about building generational wealth, then this multifamily syndication podcast is perfect for you. Creating a platform with a mission to improve life quality now and in the future, Rod Khleif takes you on a powerful and insightful multifamily investing journey that your family line can benefit from long-term. From passive income methods to the finer details of investment growth, it was all designed to help family-oriented folks just like you leave a wealthy empire legacy. 

6. The Real Estate Syndication Show


  • Host: Whitney Sewell, Founder of Life Bridge Capital 
  • Focus: Interviewing the most successful real estate syndication entrepreneurs 
  • Click here to listen 

Indulge in this 7-day-a-week multifamily syndication podcast that contains key advice and guidance from some of the more renowned real estate entrepreneurs. Whitney Sewell, the founder of Life Bridge Capital, has created a resource-rich podcast through his strong network of successful investors, including Joe Fairless, Vinney Chopra, and Michael Becker, and enjoys helping active investors pave their own success as they diversify into multifamily real estate. 

Here’s the episode we were on.

7. The Jake & Gino Show


  • Host: Jake and Gino 
  • Focus: Scaling real estate portfolios to help others reach advanced levels of success
  • Click here to listen

Hosted by the well-known Jake and Gino team, Wheelbarrow Profits is a compelling apartment investing podcast that makes scaling feel more like an adventure than a chore. Since first launching back in 2015, Jake and Gino have been proactively sharing their deep-rooted multifamily investing insight and knowledge with the world and have supported countless individuals on creating the same financial freedom they have. 



8. Target Market Insights

  • Host: John Casmon 
  • Focus: Effective multifamily marketing strategies to expand portfolios 
  • Click here to listen 

When it comes to apartment investing, marketing plays a vital role in your overall success now and long term. Because of that, marketing expert John Casmon has established Target Market Insights where he diligently covers every fine-tune marketing detail that enables you to optimize your marketing approaches. From extensive market research tips, branding support to market identifications, enjoy learning all about the multifamily marketing sector to guarantee valuable and sustainable investing results. 

We were featured on this podcast here.

9. Syndication Made Easy

  • Host: Vinney (Smile) Chopra
  • Focus: Full-Scale guide towards successful syndication investing 
  • Click here to listen 

Exceptionally motivational and insightful, Vinney (Smile) Chopra is an accredited syndication investing professional in the United States who enjoys helping others succeed in the market both financially and mentally. Not only does he deliver empowering and uplifting messages to his listeners that allow them to reach their full multifamily investing potential, but he does so in such a way that benefits every aspect of life along the way. 

10. Life and Money Show

  • Host: Julie Lam, Annie Dickerson, and Whitney Hutten
  • Focus: Family wealth building through passive real estate investing 
  • Click here to listen to the Life and Money Show 

Join Annie Dickerson, Susan Elliott, and Julie Lam – busy moms, passive income enthusiasts, and real estate investors – as they talk about everything from investing to financial freedom to parenting, traveling, creating a life by design, and everything in between.

Wait, There’s More! 


What fun would an apartment investing podcast be without a bonus section? Here are some extra multifamily podcast gems that are worth checking out as well. 


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