Apartment Investor Websites for Pros

Building Credibility

Are you looking for apartment investor websites

that are useful sources of information for professional real estate investors

In this article, you will find 5 great online
resources to give you the competitive edge that you are looking for as a
property investor.

Take a look at this list of 5 great sites, in no particular order. This list provides a link to each site plus a brief overview of what you can expect to find in each of them.

1. BiggerPockets

If you click on the link and then click on
“start here,” under the heading, “What is BiggerPockets?” The following
explanation is given:

“No matter what it is you are looking to do
with real estate, you can find it at BiggerPockets. With 1,326,451 members,
BiggerPockets is a movement within the real estate investing community centered
around grassroots, democratized education. On BiggerPockets, you can:

  • Interact
    with real life investors and build profitable relationships through the
    social network.
  • Ask
    questions in the forums, read posts on the BiggerPockets blog, or listen
    to interviews on the BiggerPockerts Podcast to gain knowledge and pick up
    new skills.
  • Analyze
    deals using the property analysis calculators – and print reports to give
    to lenders, partners, and others.
  • Advertise
    your haves or wants in the Marketplace and start doing business with those
    in the community.

Our mission is to help you reach your goals
through community interaction, and we are 100% dedicated to that end.
BiggerPockets is the world’s #1 destination for those looking to use real
estate to better their financial future and we hope you’ll join us today in
making your dreams a reality.” 

For many, BiggerPockets is the go-to source for investment knowledge, tips, and advice. The BiggerPockets forum where you can post a question and get tips and pointers from seasoned investors is just one of the many useful features of this site.

2. Mashvisor

In their “who we are” section, Mashvisor makes
the following mission statement:

“Mashvisor was established in 2014 with the aim of providing real estate investment data analysis to real estate investors. Our mission is to automate and analyze nationwide real estate data to empower investors to find Traditional & Airbnb investment properties and optimize their rental performance.

We realize the difficulties real estate investors face while searching for the right rental property. To enable investors to overcome the limitations in making business-intelligent investments, Mashvisor has built interactive property and neighborhood insights that include analysis of Traditional and Airbnb pricing, occupancy rates,
seasonality trends, revenue potential, cost assumptions, cash flow calculation,
and financial and purchase investment analysis. Our focus is delivering
informative real estate analytics so that investors can make informed decisions
in their investment.

We aspire to help real estate investors attain investment property data to be able to make intelligent investment decisions. We believe that you should be able to quickly
research investments nationwide, become well-informed on multiple markets and
meet your financial goals.”

Mashvisor’s daily posts focus on coaching. They show real estate investors not only how to invest in real estate but also how to calculate where you should invest.

3. Inman

In their “about” section Inman describe themselves this way:

“Real estate industry professionals from around the world turn to Inman
first for accurate, innovative and timely information about the business. Known
for its award-winning journalism, cutting-edge technology coverage, in-depth
educational opportunities, and forward-thinking events, Inman is the industry’s
leading source of real estate information.”

Inman is a vast resource for investors with a plethora of useful information including daily articles published on almost everything you can think of in the real estate investor scope including real estate market forecast.

4. InvestFourMore

In the “about” section, under the heading, “The Invest Four More story”, Mark Ferguson the founder has the following to say:

“I started InvestFourMore in March 2013 and the primary objective was to provide
information on investing in long-term rentals. I was not a writer at any time
in my life until I started this blog. In fact, I had not written anything
besides a basic letter since college. Readers who have been with me from the
beginning may remember how tough it was to read my first articles with all the
typos and poor grammar (I know it is still not perfect!).

The name “InvestFourMore” is a play on words indicating that it is possible to finance
more than four properties. The blog provides articles on financing, finding,
buying, rehabbing and renting rental properties. The blog also talks about my
fix and flips, advice for real estate agents, and many other real estate related
topics. The blog took off to my surprise and has allowed me to have a podcast
(150 episodes), write 6 books, and be featured on many national sites like

Invest Four More is one of the best real estate investor websites for a very good reason, the founder and writer of the site, Mark Ferguson, has hands-on experience. 

5. LoopNet

In their “About Us” section under the heading, “The best place to start your search.” LoopNet simply says:

“LoopNet is the leading mobile and online real estate marketplace that connects tenants and investors to commercial real estate available for sale and lease.”

In addition to commercial real estate property listings, LoopNet helps real estate investors to ensure that they are getting an awesome real estate deal.

They do this by means of a search feature that gives real estate comps based on the criteria that you input.

Also, LoopNet gives access to real estate investors to search investment property records as well as listings of pre-foreclosures from banks.

The Best Of Both Worlds

A famous quotation says, “Learning is better
than a house and land” but by applying the knowledge you will acquire from
these sites you will have the opportunity to gain both.

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