Build Credibility by Checking Your Online Reputation

Building Credibility

Online ReputationChecking your online reputation to be sure that it’s in top shape. So, why do you need to do that?

What would happen if somebody you’re wanting to do business with (like a broker, agent, buyer or investor) decided they wanted to check you out to see if you’re somebody they would want to work with and they searched for your name on Google or Facebook?  What would they find?

If you’re not sure, you should probably try it and see.  Imagine you’re one of the important people you’re trying to get to work with you and they see what you’re seeing.

What did you find About Your Online Reputation?

Maybe some combination of good, bad and ugly.  Over time, it seems like we leave behind a trail online, especially if you use social media.

Of course, you don’t have to appear like you have no personal life.  There’s nothing wrong with having pictures with your family or photos from your vacation or other interesting things you may have done.  But what you don’t want is anything that will make it look like you’re untrustworthy, unprofessional, immature, or irresponsible.  For example, if you had any pictures of yourself where you’re intoxicated or doing anything illegal.

What if you found some things you’d hate for the wrong person to see?  Well, anything you have control over, like things you posted yourself, you’ll probably want to delete or at least make private.  If it’s something someone else posted and they tagged you, maybe you can explain the situation to them and tell them you’d really appreciate if they could delete it.

Clean Up Your Online Reputation

You’ll want to get rid of anything that undermines your credibility.

Employers sometimes check online when someone applies for a job with them.  When you’re about to make an important decision to work with someone, you want to know who you’re dealing with.  So it’s entirely possible that an agent, broker, or other people you’re trying to work with may look online and see what they can find about you.

Of course, you can have a dedicated social media account for your business, which might be a good idea if you have time to set it up and manage it. But keep in mind that people may find your personal social media accounts.  So make sure there’s nothing there that will hurt you.

Something to also pay attention to is if you have a LinkedIn account.  Sometimes people put their employment history on there.  Would your employment history help you get the deals you’re going after?  If not, maybe consider not sharing those details publicly.

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