How to Build Credibility as a New Apartment Syndicator

Building Credibility

You might wonder if there is really a process or formula that anyone can follow in order to build credibility as an authority in the multifamily syndication field. The answer is yes.

The process is one where your position will grow stronger over time. But there are things you can do immediately to establish credibility.

 Once you have a solid foundation, by implementing all the necessary fundamental steps so that your brand image and online credibility sends a consistent and professional message, then you can start building on that by implementing the 3 steps discussed in this article.

The key to longer term success lies in doing three basic things. So in addition to building a strong foundation, what are the three steps to becoming known as an authority and building your credibility as an apartment syndicator?

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Step 1 – Find Your Space

Finding your space is about figuring out where you are going to tell your story. This is a critical step because if you don’t choose the right space for you, you will fail.  Many fail because they choose the wrong space.

There are so many different platforms to choose from.  So many social media networks exist now. Almost any site with a significant user base can act like a social network.

Many of these sites have millions of active, engaged users but are not yet the right platform for real estate syndication.

Three platforms that can be highly effective if you know how to use them properly are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.



With Twitter, you can jump into conversations that fit your specific real estate niche.

Twitter is a great platform for targeting mid-career professionals who may be interested in passive investing.

On Twitter, you can get involved in any conversation that’s taking place by re-tweeting and adding your useful observations and specific input. In this way, you can interest people in your projects with Twitter.



Facebook is a good option not only because it has been around for a long time and boasts the most users worldwide. The demographics on Facebook are right across the board. No matter who you are trying to reach, including potential investors, you will find them somewhere on Facebook.

You can use precise targeting with Facebook ads, including targeting individuals by net worth.



LinkedIn is well known as the business social network.

LinkedIn is a good place to publish content that is polished up and relevant for your ideal investor.

Your profile on LinkedIn should tell investors what exactly your company does and what your niche is.

Keep your content on LinkedIn educational, and directly relevant to the needs of your potential and existing investors.


Step 2 – Content

Step 2 is about choosing which type of content you will focus on. The existing thought leaders in your chosen area of interest are creating content of one kind or another: blogs, podcasts, videos on YouTube, webinars, etc. 

What successful syndicators are doing is focusing on creating and producing one type of content and then repackaging that same content in different formats and making it available in different ways through different media.

One example would be a syndicator who sends out a newsletter with key takeaways from his recent podcast episodes.  Another would be one who produces videos to post on Facebook and YouTube and then uses the
audio portion on multiple podcasting platforms.

There is no way around this necessary content creation step. The point is that the reason anyone becomes known on Facebook or Twitter or any channel out there is because they are willing to put in two or three years of hard work before they reach a tipping point. Look at the open spaces and the niches available, pick one type of content to focus on, and once you become known then you can diversify from there.


Step 3 – Develop an Audience

The value of content is zero unless people see it and share it. The beauty of the digital age is that you can now measure who is reading, listening to, or watching your content.

When it comes to developing an audience on Twitter, for example, you can engage with people even if they don’t follow you back. Like Facebook there are many utilities on Twitter to help you find people who are relevant to you.

So what can you look for in terms of positive signs that you are on the right track with this journey toward building credibility as a real estate investment syndicator and becoming known as an authority in that field?

You should look for signs that awareness about your presence is growing.  This should be evident in your number of followers, for example. As your outreach grows you should be receiving some higher-level signals such as increased connections with influencers and growing subscription rates.

People will be opting in and you should see that you are clearly moving closer to your business goals. People should now be seeking out your input, asking you to contribute to a blog, speak at a public event, or be a guest on a podcast for example.

If content creation is not something that you love doing, don’t forget that it can be easily outsourced using sites like Upwork, Fiverr or  Maybe there is a particular type of content creation that is in your wheelhouse.  Perhaps you enjoy creating videos; why not focus on that?

If there is one type of content that you enjoy producing then you will be more likely to do it well and stick with it.  You could then create, or outsource for others to create for you, other content based on what you have produced.  This is called content compounding.

For example, if you like writing then you could hire someone to create videos based on your writing and so on and so forth.

It is exciting to think that becoming a trusted authority in the world of apartment syndication is well within your reach.

Want to know how investors view you?

Take our free 45-second credibility quiz to find out!

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