Multifamily Website Design for the Serious Investor

Building Credibility

Multifamily website design is a heading that could refer to two things, let’s clarify at the outset what this article is about and what it is not about.

This article is about multifamily website design in the sense of a website designed for apartment investment syndicators to showcase their company as having expertise in the multifamily investment arena.

If you are an apartment investment syndicator then you have reached the right article.

We are talking about websites for apartment investment syndicators that will be an online face for your syndication company to give you a professional online presence.

We are referring to a website that will help you to attract private investors. It will also provide reassurance to multifamily property sellers and brokers that your syndication company is strongly entrenched in the multifamily arena and is to be taken seriously.

This article is not about multifamily website design in the sense that you have a multifamily apartment property and you want to create a specific website to attract renters to that property.

Multifamily Website Design – Understanding the Foundation

Proper multifamily website design is based, at the outset on understanding the needs of your syndication company when it comes to marketing your services online. Let’s take a look at the two biggest requirements that your site must fulfill.

1- Multifamily Website Design – That Enhances Credibility

One of the biggest needs that you have relates to credibility. Regardless of your track record and that of your team, your success as a syndicator will depend greatly on presenting a professional image.

That image will need to both persuade and reassure all the players in the multifamily arena, from brokers to investors and everyone in between that you belong in the multifamily major league.

I can recall personally as a young man starting my own business in marketing consultancy.

My clients would typically be marketing managers of companies selling high-end products.

The problem I had was that although I had invested a great deal in my education, and my understanding of marketing, in particular, I did not have a degree in marketing.

Invariably my customers did and I just dreaded that they would ask me specifically about it.

What I quickly realized was that because I presented a professional image and knew my subject, my customers never questioned my qualifications.

In the same way, fears about your track record as a syndicator should melt away when the first introduction people have to your company is a multifamily website design that gives you the look and feel of a serious organization that is well entrenched in the multifamily arena.

2- Multifamily Website Design – That Captures Investors Contact Information

Another great need for you as a syndicator is to find the dollars to match your deals.

To expand your network and get your message across to potential investors, you need to create content and start engaging with your target audience.

Every digital marketing initiative that you undertake, whether via social media or SEO related, will connect back to your website.

An effective multifamily website design must not only enhance credibility but also be functional and practical, having a well-designed form to capture the data of those private investors that are browsing the web in search of the right multifamily investment opportunity.

Getting information from potential investors is an important part of your business. Ideally, an investor profile form pre-qualifies investors for you. It can ask if they are SEC accredited and provide a link to a document on the SEC website in case someone isn’t sure what that means.

The form can also ask about their approximate net worth and how much they have available to invest.

Multifamily Website Design – Features of A Well Designed Site

  • Beautiful Design – Your site should have a modern and elegant look, without being over-the-top. Classy and sophisticated, yet functional is what you are trying to achieve. Carefully select graphics that are attractive and convey the right feeling.
  • Professionally Written Content – If you’ve ever tried writing website content, you’ll know it’s harder than it seems. Just a few pages of content can take weeks to write. It’s tricky to get the wording just right. You don’t want to give the wrong impression or scare someone off by saying the wrong thing. You want to create the right mood.
  • Have a Page on Your Site for Blog Posts – You can establish yourself as an expert on multi-family investing by writing blog posts.  If you don’t want to write them yourself, you can even hire someone else to do it for you and just post them on your website.
  • Mobile Responsive – Your website needs to look great on any type of device – laptop, desktop, phone, tablet… Your site should be designed so that it automatically adapts to the screen of the device someone is using.

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